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This is a Professional Software for Creating 3D Models and Content for the Workshop!

If you want to become a video game Developer or just a guy who creates 3D models or something else … then immediately think about education, which can cost 100k$ per year or more .. 🙁

Then you can try to watch videos about training on 3DCoat Youtube


And read and ask questions on 3DCoat Forums


And so, step by step, you can create your first virtual object, and then integrate it into the Workshop, and if your idea is brilliant, like a star in the sky, then the level of your professionalism will be higher than the mountains!

Then you will get likes, and your item will be seen by the whole world of the community of players of a particular game, and you can receive your percentage of its online sales!

Yes, it may be a little money, but it will give you the first capital to get a good education for $ 100k per year, and then feel like a certified video game developer!

Follow your dream as your star! And it will definitely come true and will be in your hands!

Money is not a dream and not the meaning of life, it is only a tool for achieving goals and dreams!

Don’t lose your dream and star from your heart and eyes !!!

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