Angry Birds Space

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This is the only game in the Angry Birds series (here is the version about Space) that appeared on Steam, but then disappeared from the store and became one of the most coveted games for Remove Game collectors!

But I want to talk about the whole series of these Angry Birds that don’t like pigs!

When many years ago, on my iPhone 3G, I played the first game of “angry birds”, I realized that it will always be with us now!
After all, here you have 1000 opportunities to destroy pigs, and even if you lose rounds, you will still get a feeling of pleasure from the game and the desire to play more and more!

You asked yourself the question: why is this?

Yes, this is Psychology!

This is such a part of our mind that may not even be subject to us! We sometimes do something again and again and do not understand ourselves why we like it! Why do we repeat this … but if you are a videogame developer, not just working hands !, namely a developer – creator – author! then Psychology is what you need no less than knowledge of the binary space partitioning method or any other algorithm =)
Psychology makes gamers not only give their money to us, but also become our loyal servants until the moment when someone with an even stronger psychological weapon of control of millions and billions appears!

At the end of the day, each of our minions is happy and has this feeling from their favorite game on their phone or computer!

Is it bad to give feelings of joy to people in the world?

Any religion, or ideology, or something else gives the same thing, but takes away from a person much more than a game…. Here you give a couple of bucks for your favorite game and already immerse yourself in a world where everything is simple and there is always attempt # 2! And only time passes away along with the game through your fingers, which at one moment will touch the fingers of death!

The word in the name “Birds” refers us to the birds and the sky, where we will all find ourselves sooner or later, and “Angry” gives us an understanding that our life is full of anger and hell is around us, and we pour all the negative out of our souls onto these cute virtual pigs that die for our psychological balance of life!

P.S. I wrote this text about Angry Birds, since this game clearly expresses the principles of Psychology in the development of video games, but the same text could be written about 1000 other games :), but, alas, they are not as perfect and brilliantly created as Angry Birds !

10/10 birds of happiness in your hands!

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