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When at the beginning of 2018 I was told that Valve would do its own Blackjack with its “windy” (of easy virtue) girls and cards, my first thought was: “why ???” Yes, Valve is a big company, where there has always been a place for new ideas, and many of them were brought to life! But why take someone else’s market niche, where you have never been ??? …

Time passed, and when Valve bought the Firewatch studio, I realized that they seriously want to break into the market of card games and try, if not to take their place, then at least make an experiment for the sake of science and cake!

But we know the cake is a lie!

The International was not unambiguous for me, since the time has passed for really good professional games in Dota 2 as strategies with an RPG part. And this tournament showed that this game has turned into overcooked roast beef 🙁 and this is just a piece of meat, not a living body and soul! And, of course, gamers will run away from it!

Hmm … – I thought, maybe this is a really good time to release a card game, and with one shot of a professional sniper create something new and help the good old Dota 2 not die! (or not turn into a zombie game for zombie kids);)

When my eagle-owl brought me an invite to the Artifact beta, it was the same feeling as if the time of 2011 was back, when we waited and loved Dota 2! And it was the best game and the best tournaments in those years! But after the very first game, Drow Ranger’s arrow pierced my heart with the cold and breath of death of this game!

Yes, this is the very moment when the game is still in the Beta stage of development, and you already understand that it is dead….

It’s just useless work of good employees and good development companies, since none of them understood what card games are!

Maybe you guys should go to Las Vegas? Find a couple of girls there, play cards and understand what it is….

It’s autumn outside the window, and the leaves have already fallen down, but there is no snow yet, and maybe November 28, 2018 is the best day to release this game, and it will be resurrected by the power of the light of reason ?? But no, and again no! This is already a dead game, and it makes sense to buy it or even play it for free = 0%

Yes, they tried and tried, but to make a game, you need to spit on the whole world and laws and just create with your soul! Only with your soul, not with your mind and not with a desire to make yourself a successful financial year!

Maybe now, on March 5, 2021, when Artifact became completely free before death: (will you take a little money that you got from selling it over the years and still go to Las Vegas? Take a couple of girls there and give them at least that pleasure from games of cards in the night by the light of the moon!

If, nevertheless, you love necromancy, then the developers have dismembered Artifact into Artifact Classic and Artifact Foundry for you! What for ?? .. … The question was repeated, but the body of the game has already cooled down …

Artifact Classic: (Sub)

Artifact Foundry: (Sub)

P.S. Also, before death, you can always see the last spurt and the last breath of life!,1269260&week

Thanks to Pavel Djundik for the tweet and!

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