Codename Gordon

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steam://install/92 (Just open it as a link in your Browser or on the CMD Command line of your computer) and you will get this game in your Steam Collection!

This is a small game that, like a spark, was born in the minds of young talented people, and then burst into our hearts and stayed there forever!

Yes there it is, Half-Life inside Flash! In fact, this is a small game — a parody. You again have to play for Gordon Freeman, as in those days when we just did what we liked and did not think about Copyright or something like that! Together with Gordon, we will go through a fascinating story, which may be very short, but we will remember no less than the original game!
If for some reason you did not play the original Half-Life, then play it immediately!

Merciless Time:
Of course, we ourselves understand that over the past decades this game has become outdated not only in terms of our perception of the eye, but also in terms of technology and its performance on modern computers and devices. Therefore, be prepared for any technical difficulties with this game, and overcome them, as if this is the most important thing you can do in life before its end!

Take a good glass of vine and remember that beautiful world, when you created games with your soul and heart!

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