Company of Heroes 2

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This strategy is in Real Time, which proved to me that strategies can be not only exciting, interesting, but also beautifully realistic!

We control the soldiers and tanks of World War II, who with courage are ready to die for the sake of seizing key control points or defending their positions. These are truly epic battles that unfold on maps. It should be noted that you have a task at your starting point (base), in which you produce your units, soldiers or equipment. Collect this shock groups and participate in exciting battles!
There are very few games (and strategies in particular) that boast such exciting battles, in which every soldier and every drop of his blood is like a Victory flag!

Multiplayer battles in this game is the main part of the game, and bring you a truly unforgettable pleasure from each battle. After all, the balance system is made almost perfect! Whether it be 1 vs 1 or 4 vs 4, in any case, you will receive an unforgettable feeling of this spirit of a heavy and bloody Victory that we inherited from our grandparents.
“Only a real Victory can be doused with the blood of millions of people on the altar of Victory”!

Company and additional DLC missions
It was not by chance that I combined multiplayer and company, as I would not like to talk a lot about the company. In fact, these are quite good missions in which you can test your knowledge of tactics and strategies. You really get more fun from additional missions from the DLC than from the main campaign of the game. For this reason, I advise you definitely to buy additional missions that are not related to the main plot of the game. You can relate to the main story with irony, because there is nothing in it! The history that the main story tells us is a unipolar view of the events of the Second World War, so I want to emphasize once again that you should take this view of developers to events of the past with irony and a lighter look. And be sure to get a DLC to enjoy the mission and actually get the real Second World War, which we were waiting for!

Graphics and technology
In many games there are good graphics, but when we talk about strategies, we always put this in the end — because strategy is important for its gameplay and tactical component that captures and strains your mind. And we no longer look at the graphics or technologies that the developers use in those games. But this game showed me that it can be beautiful! And at the same time exciting, and the technologies that are used here add a truly detailed realism of events unfolding on the screen. If your computer does not have enough features to get the maximum settings and see all the features of this game, then this is the case when you have to buy a new HardWare and see this Virtual World in the full palette of colors of Life and Death!

10/10 drops of my blood on the altar of the Great Victory !!!

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