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Once a fire lit in my heart and now it will burn there forever!

This is the Love of games!

This is the Love of esports!

This is Love for girls! 🙂

This is not just a game and it is not for your entertainment in the evenings! This is the # 1 world esports discipline!

It is difficult to evaluate this game somehow, since this is a part of my youth and the first steps in esports, when I was still 11-12 years old 🙂

At that time, the sky was bluer, and the grass was greener, and the Orcs were no match for the present … although what am I talking about …. it is from another….

The most important thing in this game is the Team and the Spirit that it contains!

It doesn’t matter what is in your hands! It can be M4A1 and AK-47, or even an ordinary knife!

But all this no longer makes sense when you feel like 1,000,000 eyes are looking at you online, and you need to defuse this bomb or detonate it, and then everything depends on your Team! 

You just go to Length and make a headshot, then make a minus from the Elephant and here it is! But do not forget to discard 2 Flashes on the Zigzag and make 2 more minuses from your Desert Eagle, and now you are left alone! And time goes by….

Years of life pass in the same way, but you, as always, will love this game and smile after 10 -100 years when you see it 🙂

And, seeing how new gamers play something newer, smile with a grin behind their back and burn the same fire of Love for this world of video games for the rest of their lives!

A few words about the technical capabilities of the game….

Over the past 10x years, the World has changed 10 times! But this game remained the same as it was in 1999-2000! 

If you want to see what the World was like then, and what it was like to live in the World of esports at the turn of 1000 years! Then you need to play this game for 1000 hours so that your eyes and hands and brain are immersed in this World and stay here forever with Love in your heart! 

Yes, there is a lot of something beyond new and amazing around, but why all this? 

When you have your favorite game in your hands, and you see your favorite Team of friends on the monitor! 

But they are not so young anymore, so your girlfriend will be under the table 🙂

100/100 HeadShots through the wall!

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