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This is a whole Fantasy World in your hands!

If you like to read fantasy books and closing your eyes, go into an amazing mysterious world, the game will give you this immersion from the first minutes!

There will be no active events here, and you will not always be a fearless hero!

Your role as a strategist who leads his small Empire to victory in this fantasy World, and your hero is a King who wisely and prudently builds the economic well-being of his Empire, and then creates a reliable strong army, with which he raids the surrounding Ruins and Castles and various places that are hidden in this mysterious and wonderful World.

Of course, other players around you will try to attack your little Castle; (and you will do the same in return!. At some point you will already lead your Guild (Alliance) and go towards the goal of domination in this World! In 97 days of its short existence!

The atmosphere and music of this game is intertwined with those books and wonderful artworks that you see on the screen not only of your computers, but also, possibly, on the screens of your phones – this is a cross-platform game!

All this reminds you of a wonderful fairy tale, where beautiful Dragons and various fairy-tale characters exist, and you seem to be reading every day a new page of the Fairy World, in which there is peace for your soul!

If we talk about the graphics of this game, then it is very simple, but at the same time everything is very beautifully done, everything is filled with the soul that designers and artists put into every pixel of the World that you see on your screen!

At first glance, the gameplay of this game is quite simple, and you may get the impression that you have seen some similar games somewhere on mobile devices or in your browser … But in fact, the game is quite deep, it has quite a lot of economic deep strategic elements that you need to worry about from the early days of the World you entered (if, of course, you got there from the early days of its existence). This factor is, in fact, the most controversial in the game, as many players are unhappy that it has existed in front of your eyes for 97 days! Then everything is deleted and you have to start from scratch !!!

On the one hand, it is very offensive when you invest a lot in the development of your Empire, and then you see its death in your hands!

On the other hand, we understand perfectly well that this fact gives an unusual development of economic events in the World and tactical ones too. And you need to calculate every day of your existence inside this fabulous world and make plans for all 97 days ahead, and it is advisable not to miss a single day of entering inside this World!

I can honestly say that I thought for a long time what rating to give this game, since it is done very warmly and sincerely, and at the same time it is a good strategy with an economic and tactical component without any intense active elements, and, thus, gives you the opportunity to relax with your soul!

Probably the most controversial factor is just the limited factor of the existence of this World, and the bitter loss in the heart that comes with what you lose upon completion of this virtual life counter!

But life is so arranged – we live for a period of time in this world on this planet and go our own way! We are trying to build our little Empire with our own hands and family, and at the end of our life we ​​simply die, realizing that no matter how much we try to earn riches in our lives – all this turns out to be meaningless and useless in the face of Death in our eyes!

At this moment on your deathbed, you understand that only people close and dear to you, who have been with you throughout your life, remain in your memory, and these memories are the most valuable thing in our life, and what can be remembered before the end of the road in this World!

I want to wish everyone good adventures on your path of life, which, as a result, over the years will turn into pleasant memories that will be connected with your loved ones, and this will all be embodied in a smile on your face at the end of your life path!

Never regret anything, look to the future and don’t be afraid to lose everything and start all over again!

10/10 fabulous Dragons from this World to my inner one!

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