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Have you ever dreamed of taking over the whole World?
Probably 1000 games and strategies gave you this opportunity, you tried to conquer the whole world astride your faithful horse!
But in this game you will not just be only a winner! You will be a villain who secretly draws up his cunning plans on his secret island in his secret laboratories and, step by step, takes over the whole world from the shadow of the eighties!
There is a wonderful note of humor of the eighties, when villains took over the world from secret laboratories, and super spies tried to stop them and save the whole world!

Gameplay — this strategy is based on the economic component, on planning and building your secret base on the island, but with the elements of strategy and tactics to capture the whole world!

Music gives a good atmosphere to this game and immerses you in an eighties spy romance where you are the main villain!

The graphics in this game are of course outdated, and for the modern eyes of gamers it looks rather sad, but if you are an old gamer and remember the old school of cybersports, then for you this graphics will be like nostalgia for the past and something close to your soul =)

If you, like me, are a lover of not only military and tactical strategy, but also an economic one, then this game should be in your collection of games to enjoy strategy with the spirit of a spy novel!

The main disadvantage of this whole good game is that the gameplay sometimes looks a little drawn out, and it can get boring 🙁 there is also an element of sometimes monotony of your actions.
Hope the developers fix these issues and release the next installment with more tactical variations and world-conquest action!

7/10 The spies who fell into your traps!

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