Grand Theft Auto III

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Is it hard for you in your life? And you want to make money? Of course, the best way to make money in Liberty City is to rob a bank! But there are no good robberies, and you are betrayed by those whom you considered your friends … And now you are going to your prison cell and you understand that there are no friends in this world, and only the moon will light your way this night … But what is it ?? BooooM! Yes, this is It — one out of a million chance for you to get out of a blown up convoy car this night to start a new journey in this city of your dreams!
This is Liberty City !!
The City of Dreams!
City of Hope!
The City of your Desires!

If you want to feel the story of the main character and realize the betrayal and deceit of life, then, in addition to the main storyline, there are many additional tasks that you want to do again and again, as each of them has a piece of this amazing virtual city, where every passerby is like a man from the streets of your city, and every new turn in the life of the main character is like a turn of your real life) Probably this is why the GTA game series is so popular for so many years — because every part of this series is like a real one. Oh, the city where you live real life and enjoy it! Where all your dreams and desires can become a reality! But this is just a game … in which there are opportunities without rules to drive a car, carry a whole arsenal of weapons with you, in order to kill corrupt policemen and all those who stand in your way to power and money in this world of broken hopes for some men and the city of dreams for others!

10/10 dreams in the Liberty City of my Hopes and Desires!

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