Kikoriki – Смешарики – Smeshariki

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This animated series has its roots in Russia and is called Smeshariki!

In 2004, the first episode of this animated series was released and all viewers immediately fell in love with it: not only children, but also adults – after all, there is a whole World here – on a small island where 9 characters live, and each of them is filled with a piece of the soul of the actors who voiced them. And we see different stories of these characters, small and great events that take place in this World!

Children like funny and bright characters who treat difficult adult things with humor, and at the same time know how to enjoy life and enjoy the simple little things that each of us has! When children watch this animated series, they begin to understand adult things through the subtle play of characters and grow up before our eyes, asking us adult questions!

Adults watch this cartoon and see the deep meaning in each episode, together with the children they begin to feel the World that was created not only for our eyes, but also for our souls! After all, when we grow up, we sometimes forget about something that was in our childhood 🙁 and in this eternal pursuit of something, we cannot find pleasure in those moments that surround us in life here and now!

It is very important to appreciate what each of us has in life, just to enjoy every day! And those simple eternal values ​​that are told in the stories in this animated series!

The animated series appeared on Steam under the name Kikoriki and included all the seasons that were drawn in 2D graphics and became the most beloved!

English dubbing is at a very high level here, so you can feel the soul of each character and see this painted world through his eyes!

Unfortunately, after a while it was removed from the Steam store and is unlikely to ever come back 🙁

In addition to 2D drawing of the series, there is also a 3D series about education and a full-length cartoon film, as well as many different educational programs with these characters that teach our children and us simple but very important things – not only the philosophy of life, but also the exact sciences. and just literacy in life!

This is an animated series that will pump the brains of your child!

2020 was probably a special year for many of us, but for this series it became tragic, since Anatoly Prokhorov died. The creator, ideologist of this series and the person who founded the studio, creating not only this animated series, but many other wonderful cartoons!

This series is dedicated to his memory.

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