Left 4 Dead 2

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The world is heading into the abyss of hell, and our 4 new heroes are trying to get on the last flight to go to their cherished house – refuge. If you opened this review of the game, but did not play the previous part, I advise you to play it and read my review on it – after all, in the second part, the developers did the impossible – namely, they made the game different, but still the same exciting game, in which the dark tone of the world has changed from the first part to the sun and drive, which is felt not only in the characters of the heroes, but also in the music, for which the developers have created even a virtual group within the game, with amazing tracks, where each note gives no longer a choir games as it was in the first part, but something different, sunnier, with the drive of life and inspires the hope that if around you hell, there you were with faithful friends! So take your friends and plunge into this world of hell zombies (more species of especially infected are waiting for you!), From which you don’t want to leave before dawn. In the second part, new companies are waiting for us, which are filled with the drive of rock and the sun, and a different atmosphere in relation to the first part. But despite this, both parts turned out so well that the developers took the companies from the first part, added them to the new version of the Source Engine, where you have not only more weapons, but also more especially infected enemies, for which you You can play multiplayer battles 4 on 4.
If after many hours of the game you feel that you want more from this powerful engine and this world of the game, then to your attention is a library from the Steam Workshop, which contains 1000 different modifications from a simple weapon skin change to a large-scale changes of everything you want, and if something is not found, then maybe soon I will see your modification in the top of the best 🙂
R.S. The most unique case is that when the developers released the first part, and a year later they released the second, and made it not only worse than the first, but even better!

10 \ 10 adrenaline for survival until the morning!

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