Left 4 Dead

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The world is on the verge of its end, and the reason for this is the virus that penetrates people’s brains and causes them to be possessed by that part of human nature, full of base, weak-willed hunger desires of the flesh! And only 4 hearts of survivors, who beat in the rhythm of life, are able to break through this dead cold world, into that cherished cozy house, where there is safety and the illusion of a better world, which is somewhere there …
I must say that each of these four hearts has its own character and style, so who would you choose from the main characters in coop-game with friends, you will still feel the unique style of each character, which does not affect the balance, but fills this world of the cold dead with notes of something alive and warm. And the world around you is truly awful, and no matter what company (history) you run, you will feel that everything around you is filled with cold and a sense of hopelessness …
WARNING 🙂 Immersion in the game occurs instantly, almost from the first minutes of the gameplay, and great music complements this well. If you play this game with the lights off, in the dark, before going to bed, then fear the terrible zombie – nightmares that will come to you with a cold in the night!
The game has several company histories, each of which has several missions – locations where you will need to reach your coveted shelter house and stay alive. At the same time, of course 🙂 you also need to remember to take the cartridges and save kits. If you think that passing each mission will be a boring task, according to the principle: to go from point A to point B, then you are mistaken! After all, apart from the usual zombies, especially infected ones are waiting for you. Terrible tension and cold sweat on the back – after all, even the simple problem of finding canisters and pouring them into the generator can make you die more than once! Well, and talk about those moments when you have to wait for the door to open, and with horror shoot crowds of zombies, which like avalanches fall upon the entire team of survivors again and again. It’s good to have a friend or friends (coop-game for 4 players) that will help you in difficult times and will make a company in this world, the cold world of mankind’s hopes of salvation, and only survival can save us all from the virus that penetrates into those seconds in the brains of those whom you loved and knew, those who were close to you and dear to you, but they are all already sick with a virus, and only lead can calm them forever!

10 \ 10 living hearts in the world of the dead.

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