Mafia II

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Family – it’s everything for all of us!

With an army bag you get there, where there is a «Dry Law» and lawlessness of police, where Thomson and a couple grams of lead will answer all your questions and give you the green presidential illusion of happiness. And only after going a long way, you will realize that what you are looking for and what are trying to achieve, that is always there with you, and it’s been your family and your beloved ones!

The developers have done an amazing game! From the first minute you feel the spirit of America in 1930-40 and enjoy the work of that team of developers!

Dizzying chases, a sense of intrigue and unexpected denouement – all this is here, as in a good book, where the life of the main character is a part of your life!
Made at the highest level; this city lives its own life! Whether you are playing a game or withdrew with a cup of tea, the city continues to live! And you will sink into it again and again.
Graphic arts:
It looks very nice and it’s of high quality, and even years pass, you will enjoy it.
This is the part of the game which is full of the atmosphere of America in 1930-40, and you immerse yourself in it even if you do not have eyes. Therefore you’d like to take this music with you in the ipod and listen to anywhere.
Postproduction and translations:
Made on a high level. Whatever language you use, you will get a deep impression of the voice acting and translation in your own language.

I advise you to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition version, and then all DLS! And if you have any small doubts about it, get the demo version! And throw away all the doubts and get the full version!

10/10 Red Roses {and the right to stand on the shelf of Platinum Games! }

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