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This is the return of the legend! When I bought this game in 2010 and played it all the time, I was happy that I had it) But my friends did not have the opportunity to get this game, since it was removed from the Steam Store, and now it’s back !! We will get to Chicago and feel its spirit, where the smell of Cuban cigars flies in the air along with gunpowder and a sip of whiskey! Yes, this is the time when 9 grams of lead solve your problems, and all this is under the charming music that will forever remain in your heart, like this game! If you, like me, feel this taste and want more, then I advise you to play Mafia II. It’s a different world with the same flavor, but with better graphics and game play

Do not forget that these are 2 different worlds, but in each of them you will feel the taste of life!

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