Neighbours back From Hell

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If you have neighbors? And do you feel? that they are children of Hell … then maybe it’s time to return them to Hell ?!

This game is full of scary humor and fun from the first minutes to the end!

There are no difficult puzzles or big plot! These are just 2 parts of your favorite game in one HD edition that will bring you smiles and positive emotions in difficult times around you!

In the first part:

We are neighbors with a Terrible Person! He chomps at the table and picks his nose! He’s always rude and noisy! He is so terrible that he is ready to take the lollipop from the child and eat it in complete selfish loneliness!

But in reality he is not so lonely … he has a Mother who is scary as death, and maybe that’s why he is afraid of her so much;) and, of course, there is us! To bring him the moments of Hell on Earth!

The second part of:

If your Neighbor thinks he can run away from us on a cruise ship and hide on the island, then there is a big surprise for him!

We’ll be like a cherry on his big cake! But this time he found himself a worthy match … this is a Woman – a Snake! She is ready to endure him for the sake of money and hates us! And this is not his Mom! This is his Girlfriend! But we will try to relax with him on this island and enjoy each of our tricks that we will do to bring him a Hell Vacation !!

The graphics and music in this game are at a good level, since the developers have reworked everything that was in the old versions, and at the same time they did not break anything from what we loved so much in the past! Maybe because they also have neighbors? =)

The atmosphere of fun and humor will haunt you until the end of this game and will not let you get bored! A light plot will be as pleasant as the waves of the ocean or sea that caress you in good times!

If everything is bad in your life, and you think that this is the end … then open this game and get laughter in the Hell that is around you!

10/10 smiles on your face and your neighbor’s fits of rage!

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