Oppaidius Tropical Cruise!

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If you sit at home and dream of going on a trip, but you do not have the money for this; (
Then maybe this is the game for you!
The sea breeze will bring cruise ship tickets into your hands, and it’s one sweet journey that will change your whole life!

But can a trip be beautiful without a beautiful girl?
A slender beautiful dark-haired girl with big, very big…. eyes =) Yes, these are the very eyes where any man looks, as soon as he sees this girl, and then he sees the rest of the beautiful body, which is perfect!
But only you can win her heart, touch the ideal of life and taste it on a beautiful island where you can find yourself….

This is a short story game with several plot options and quite interesting graphics, it looks unusual to your eye, but it is really very interesting! There is not only a fascinating plot, but also the look of this little adventure!

The game will not take much of your time, as well as a lot of space on your hard disk, but this girl will take all your heart and will stay in it forever!

10/10 Kisses of the blue hair girl!

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