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The best action puzzle game for your mind and your sleight of hand!

The life of each of us is a period of trials and difficulties that we overcome from the first days of our existence in this World!

We open our eyes and see everything around us, and take our first steps, and hear the first words around us!

Let’s try from the first moments to look at everything around us, draw some conclusions and understand who we are in this World, and what surrounds us here?

But what if we get a Portal gun? =)

We will then be able to open Portals and move anywhere, and it doesn’t matter if we can walk or talk, or do something else, because we will have some kind of weapon in our hands as joyfully limitless possibilities!

Passing trials over and over again on our life path every day, only one question remains: what do we get in return! ???

When we do a lot for a person close to us (girl / boy), we hope to see the warmth of our heart and soul in return and the very response that will tell us that we are loved by another person as much as he/she is by us!

But what to do when your loved one is cold to you and indifferent? When it is like your second job, which is cold and merciless to your heart!

Only play video games! Only play Portal!

Then at the end, after 1000 challenges, you will see your most coveted reward!

Your CAKE !! Chocolate or white, delicious, seductive, like a girl on her wedding night!

This is your CAKE! And your best reward in life for everything!

Atmosphere and music, like cake impregnation;) and the cherry on top will be the success of solving the puzzle! You can go through the same test chamber 100 times and get your strawberry again and again, and every time it will be even more delicious!

It is the same with good girls, who over the years of their lives only become better and tastier with you!

The graphics in this game are at a high level – after all, here is not only Source from Valve, but also the work of the entire friendly team to create textures! So this game will delight your eye even after a decade!

Gameplay is that subtle feeling you have for GLaDOS – the natural mind close to you is here! As if to feel how she wants you to be better and become the ideal of the human race! She, like a caring girl, will think about you, sometimes want to kill you…. , and you will overcome all trials for her sake!

Or for the Cake ??

It’s up to you to decide!

But the most important thing is tests and desires to move forward along the path of life, so that it does not happen!

10/10 CAKE! every day for you!

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