Spiral Knights

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If you think this is a regular top-down MMORPG, then you are wrong!

The first thing that catches your eye is the cute and delicate colors of this virtual World and these cute Knights =), but behind this cute appearance there are real heroes who kill bosses and save the whole World!

When I first started playing this game, I thought: “Hey, this is for children, but not for me as a gamer who tore the skulls of enemies to pieces with his bare hands”, but after 2-4 hours of playing I realized that I missed this World and these lovely Knights! After all, we all get tired of something … and we want to plunge into a romantic World, where everything is beautiful and simple, where you are always a Hero!

In this World you can rest your heart and soul!

The Graphics here are peculiar, somewhat similar to anime, but this, nevertheless, is something different! Even after years of this game’s existence, it still looks very good! The textures are pleasing to the eye, and it doesn’t take a lot of power from your hardware!

Music and Atmosphere are probably the most important here! After all, it is these melodies of flowers and the spirit that flies in the air around you that make you rest your soul in this World!

Sometimes you just want to stand and do nothing, but watch the World around and just enjoy =)

The gameplay is also a very important part of this World — after all, you are waiting for travel to the center of the planet and many monsters that will be on our way;) You can also take part in PVP battles in the arena in several modes and just create or join your Guild to conquer the World together with friends!

Algorithm! As a person with a mathematical mindset, it was incredibly interesting for me to see an algorithm that randomly creates maps for your travels in this World, so that every trip inside the planet will not be exactly like the other!

In fact, 99% of the games that developers create have static maps and worlds, they immediately offer us a mixture of static and dynamic locations, and maps for adventure are constantly generated! This is really amazing!

If you understand what prime numbers are and know a little more than Riemann, then you can change Humanity!

Of course, the developers did not give us proof of the Riemann hypothesis, but they showed how dry numbers can be the whole World around you!

The plot is probably the worst part about this game = (it is not very interesting or eventful, and you may not go through it at all =)

Also, the game is tailored for playing with friends, so sometimes it’s boring alone = (

These are probably 2 minuses in this game, but they pale before the beauty of this World!

If you are a Romantic just like me =), then you should definitely play this game! And it’s best to do it with your girlfriend or friends!

9/10 Knights — Honor for your Guild!

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